Dress Code Before 11pm
Ladies Dress to impress. Smart, Sexy, Sassy..Glam it up! Guys Dapper is best but otherwise dress to impress our ladies.

Dress Code After 11 pm if you want to wander upstairs)

Ladies Sexy lingerie, wraps, bodysuits, play costume, robe, towel, guys boxers, shorts, towel, No trainers, tracksuits, sportswear, hoodies, caps or scruffy workwear

Once you have dressed down, you can wander anywhere you want in the club. We ask people to dress down upstairs after 11 pm as we like to create a level ‘playing field’ in our playrooms and to encourage a sexy atmosphere/ambience. After 11pm you will see sexy ladies and guys sitting at the bar in their skimpies and dancing in our lounge when our DJ is with us. It’s very liberating!

Accepted ID

We require ID from all guests to the club and those wishing to gain membership as part of our licence agreements. If you don’t have the correct ID, you won’t gain admission; it’s just not worth our licence. The gold standard ID is a photo driving licence with your name and current address on it. If you have this, then you will gain entry with this alone.

If you do not hold an up to date driving licence, then a passport AND utility bill will suffice. If you only have utility bills by email, then this is acceptable, just bring them up on your phone. We will also accept council tax bills and bank statements as proof of address. Passports alone are not acceptable as they do not have your address on them.

We DO accept ID which is photographed on your phone as we understand that some people do not wish to carry passports on them. Just remember to switch your phones off once you have gained entry to the club.


We have a fully licensed bar selling a wide range of alcohol. You may still bring your own alcoholic drinks on Saturday nights and Friday BDSM nights, which we will put behind the bar (chilled as necessary) and serve to you; we will charge a £2.50 corkage fee for the permission, handling and serving of your own alcohol; this is a one-off charge for all the alcohol your bring. If 2 singles share alcohol, you will both be charged corkage.

Please drink in moderation. **We ask that you do not bring any soft drinks into the club or your own pre-mixed drinks**. Ready-mixed drinks that have been purchased such as cans of Gordons and tonic, Smirnoff Ice etc…are fine, but a big bottle of coke topped off with vodka…no.

Bar staff reserve the right to refuse alcohol if they feel you have consumed too much alcohol. We sell soft drinks/mixers and tea/coffee. We use plastic glasses (for safety reasons). See our bar prices

**Zero Tolerance Drug Policy** We have the right to refuse entry to anybody who we feel may have pre-loaded on drugs before they enter the club. We have the right to question anybody within the club who we feel may have taken drugs on the premises, brought drugs onto our premises, facilitated someone else to take drugs on our premises or if we believe someone is covering for another guest who has taken drugs on our premises. We have a strong anti-drug measures in place around the premises, to deter drug use, but this will not stop some determined people. If we believe someone has taken drugs and/or has brought drugs onto our premises, we will ask that person to come to reception, escorted by a member of staff along with their bag (s). We will ask the person if we may perform a bag search and may ask for any pockets to be emptied out if we deem it necessary. We have the right to ask this under our Licensing guidelines and we have a policy for bag searches which is available for anyone to read. If the person refuses a bag search, we have the right to call the police who have the authority to search the bag without permission of the owner. If drugs are found, they will be seized and sealed in a clear sealable bag and locked in our safe. The police will be called and the guest will be asked to get dressed. The whole procedure would have been filmed on our cctv at reception and the recording will be made available to the police. The whole procedure will be recorded in our incident book which will be made available to the police. Personal information of the offender and partner if relevant will be shared with the police in accordance with data protection guidelines as an offence would have been committed. The guest will be fully informed of procedure, police involvement, membership cards will be revoked and they will receive a lifetime ban.

We absolutely DO NOT TOLERATE illegal drug use of any kind at Shhh Newcastle and we take a very firm view of such activities for the greater good of our entire membership. Please be mindful of these procedures if you participate in recreational drug taking and PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES as we WILL follow this procedure.

Overnight stays

On our main party nights and fetish nights, you may book a bed to stay overnight. You have an option of a private room or a shared room, but be aware that the beds tend to get booked very quickly!

The rates are £15 per person and you may choose the type of room you want in advance. The rooms are our playrooms and at the end of the night, a team disappears upstairs to clean out all of the rooms, we put down mattress protectors, sheets and duvets in the room and make it lovely for you to crash out.

The next morning we ask that you are up between 9 & 11 am for tea/toast/coffee. It’s not the Ritz and you will not receive a full English breakfast but for the cost, you can carry on your fun if you wish or you can crash out and save you the journey home after your fun night.

Overnights must be paid for in advance and can be done by paypal or bank transfer. Refunds are only given if you cancel upto 7 days prior to the event, so please be sure you can make it before you book and pay.

See our What’s On page for details of which nights have overnight stays available

Mobile Phones/Cameras

The use of mobile phones is prohibited anywhere in the club. If you need to check your phone/take a call in an emergency, then bring your phone to reception and do so in the company of the desk manager.

We do not allow people to carry phones in pockets, bags for them to be checked intermittently. If you are worried about a possible problem at home, i.e. babysitting issues, then you may leave your phone at reception and we can look out for a given name flashing up on the phone; we will then come and find you. But this is only in an emergency; we are not a secondary babysitting service.

Cameras are not allowed in the club on any events apart from official photography events. Anyone caught taking photographs in the public areas in the club will be asked to delete any photographs in the company of the management and asked to leave immediately.

We have a zero tolerance policy on the use of mobile phones, so please put them in your locker, forget about them and enjoy your night.


The club has good quality lockers on the first floor. Members are issued with a locker key on arrival and your locker number is also your tab number for the bar. For those who have mobility problems, we have lockers on the groundfloor with a bathroom nearby. (£10 returnable deposit).


We recommend members bring their own towels. However we can supply you with a towel at the reception free of charge; 2nd and subsequent towels will incur a £1.00hire charge each, to cover additional laundry costs. There are certain events where we may charge for towels, i.e. free entry events or very low cost events due to covering overheads; I would advise you to bring your own towel on these nights if you want to save money.

Safe Sex

We actively promote safe sex amongst all members and promote the use of condoms by offering free condoms (inc king size and latex free) and lube which can be found at the bar and reception. We also have a small amount of Dams which need to be requested at reception.

Lost Property

We could literally fill every room in our club with lost property!! You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that people leave!! We couldn’t possibly keep items indefinitely and therefore due to the volume of items, we have a policy for lost property.

If you think you have left something behind, you have 3 days to contact us to see if we have found your missing item. If we have it, you have another 7 days to arrange to pick up. We won’t send items as we wouldn’t be out of the post office! So please ensure you have all of your valuables before you leave, otherwise, you have a short window to arrange to pick up. The items are then thrown away after the 7 days.


WEDNESDAY 10.00 - 20.00

Couples £20.00

Single Guys £10.00

Single Girls £10.00

Trans £10.00

THURSDAY 19.00 - 12:00

Couples £10.00

Single Guys £5.00

Single Girls £5.00

Trans £0.00

FRIDAY 20:00 - 04:00

Couples £10.00

Single Guys £20.00

Single Girls £5.00

Trans £10.00

SATURDAY 20.00 - 04:00

Couples £25.00

Single Guys £25.00

Single Girls £10.00

Trans £10.00

SUNGAY 11.00 - 20:00

Will be run as Base Sauna

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